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Orders generally are sent out in 2 to 3 business days but could take 5 business  days to ship out if not in stock and we have to make. We very much appreciate your continued support especially during this crisis and as always we miss seeing our customers faces, however  We will not be open in the store front for right now , for another 4 weeks.  quite possibly 12 weeks.

so please order online or give us a call

at 805 758 3248

 We  also have been lowering our prices this week to help us with this disaster ,we are dealing with. 

if you include an email during checkout with your order, USPS tracking will be sent day the order is shipped out. If you need to change your order, you have 24 hours from time order was placed to change or modify order. Please contact  us via our contact page for inquiries. or via email  

Buy 10 bars of soap get one free full size bar added to order at time of shipping in a scent you ordered



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