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Soaps All Scents

Soaps All Scents



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Our  bars are heafty 7 Oz in weight


So much goodness in one bar of soap,  that it shall be referred to as nothing less than  perfection. With a bubbly and moisturizing lather scented to please any pallet , our blends are sure to please and feed your skin.


All our soaps  features natural additives and natural colorants infused  with our unique blend of  oils. This is  blended with skin pampering cocoa butter, shea butter,  honey, and oatmeal just to name a few . Our soaps are a luxurious treat for the skin


Our  gourmet soap recipes are handmade from scratch in   Morro Bay ,  Ca 

INGREDIENTS vary from bar to bar as far as additives or colorants but our base  is the same in all of our soaps:

if you purchase an out of stock bar it could take up to 7 days to ship as we will need to make it I will email you if this happens





  • Ingredients

     Oils of Olive , Coconut, Grapeseed, Safflower, Avocado, Shea Butter, Cocco Butter , Water & Sodium Hydroxide as well as  our all natural additives and / or  colorants.

  • Scent Description

    Blood Orange,  a tangy citrus softened with Warm Vanilla

    Lemongrass, Tangy clean , fresh scent our most popular both men and women enjoy

    Cherry Almond, remember the old school Jergans lotion well this is it

    Honey Almond, sweet honey with a strong almond scent not as strong as the cherry much lighter in scent

    Cucumber Melon classic clean old school Bath & Body works scent

    Morro Bay Ocean clean crisp unisex scent not floral think clean cotton

    Coconut sweet vanilla undertones little sexiness to this scent

    Gardenia, Classic Hawaiian Gardenia like the ones from the big island makes you think of sitting on the beach in Hawaii warm wind and the ocean breeze , Gardenia is a very nostalgic scent 

    Lavender, Classic Bulgarian Lavender strong herbal calming bar for face and body

    Tea Tree, slight minty type scent best on skin with acne or any type of fungus. Can be used on the entire body including face also good for yeast prevention

    Charcoal  unscented but  good for oily skin only or as an occasional treatment bar as it removes impurities from the skin including backheads

    Oatmeal, unscented Scottish oats sooth the skin great for ULTRA Sensitive skin eczema or rosaccea

    Man Bar most popular clean smelling man scent but not fake like AXE also has walnut in it to exfoliate 

    Tobacco Flower is  slight floral but musky with low notes  of vanilla 

    Patchouli, well  love or hate this one...patchouli, bit  lavender and a hint of orange in this baby......if you like patchouli you will love this bar

    Three Kings , seasonal bar a warm masculine scent a frankincense blend

    Plumeria Rich but lite floral undertones of Passion flower top notes of plumeria flower with a slight sweetness of vanilla bean

    Rosemary Mint , this is herbal scent from the ground organic rosemary but finishing off with our Willimate Valley Organic mint essential oil

    Spa Day, think of a weekend retreat with all the amenities clean crisp bar rich with a fantastic finish sure to wash all your stresses away

    Eucalyptus, imagine walking through the mini eucalyptus forest here in Morro Bay with the leaves 🍃 crunching beneath your toes releasing the highly aromatic leaves that have fallen off the Eucalyptus trees.

    40 Gritt, this is for the working man in your life. Ground walnut gives a deep exfoliation experience with a nice pleasant spearmint & vanilla mix

    Tobacco flower / Tabac de Fleur deep rich aroma think plantation in New Orleans warm summer night with a mint julep in hand. This is a warm sensual fragrance loved by both men & women

    Blackberry Vanilla this is for my fruit lovers a juicy punch in the face. Makes your mouth water and almost makes you want to take a bite outta this bar! Berry.....luscious is what we call this one! Yummmmm


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