So much goodness in one bar of soap,  that it shall be referred to as nothing less than  perfection. With a bubbly and moisturizing lather scented with a sassy, yet classy scents to please any pallet , our blends are sure to please and feed your skin.


    All our soaps  features natural additives and natural colorants infused  with our unique blend of  oils. This is  blended with skin pampering cocoa butter, shea butter,  honey, and oatmeal just to name a few . Our soaps are a luxurious treat for the skin


    Our  gourmet soap recipes are handmade from scratch in Morro Bay Ca 

    INGREDIENTS vary from bar to bar as far as additives or colorants but our base  is the same in all of our soaps:





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    • Our ultra rich fatty oil reciepe makes this an ultra foaming super rich bar good for dry skin