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Thank you for your interest in Babylonian Soap Company. We are an all natural, paraben & sulfate free beauty line created by myself back in 2011

We strive to use only the best organic high quality natural oils in our products. This line was born from the severe sensitivities I myself struggled with for years. I have an immune issue as well as eczema and Rosacea which led me to seek more natural organic products back in 2006 when the idea of BSC was started. I struggled with major issues and took it upon myself to make my own skin care line for the ultra sensitive skin. I had no intentions starting a business as I had a  corporate job. I started selling my soaps at Farmers market back in 2011 and we opened our first retail store back in late 2011. Since then we have gained national recognition, a five star yelp rating and still maintain our retail store front in Los Osos & Morro Bay Ca. as well as numerous wholesale accounts in  the USA. We look forward to you visiting our store so we could talk more about your skin sensitives. Thank you in advance

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